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Contest Management System

This page lists some resources that may be useful for CMS users. If you are aware of others, please let us know (see contact information on the main page).

Related projects

We are aware of the following projects related to CMS. These projects are not developed nor maintained by us, hence we do not give guarantees or support for them.

Forks Utilities Tutorial

Others potentially useful patches for CMS can be found in the pull requests list and among the many GitHub forks of CMS. Many of them are being considered for inclusion in the official CMS repository.

Reports on CMS

CMS has used in many national and international contests. Some contest organizers wrote detailed reports on their experience with CMS, which may be useful for other contest hosts using or considering to use CMS. In particular, many of them discuss the problems to address in order to use CMS with several hundreds of users.

Papers on CMS

CMS has been described in the following papers by CMS core developers. They can be useful for who wants to catch a bird's eye overview of the inner CMS structure.