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Contest Management System

CMS, or Contest Management System, is a distributed system for running and (to some extent) organizing a programming contest.

CMS has been designed to be general and to handle many different types of contests, tasks, scorings, etc. Nonetheless, CMS has been explicitly build to be used in the 2012 International Olympiad in Informatics, held in September 2012 in Italy.

Stable version: 1.3.rc0

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Development version: 1.4.0pre

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Please, help us help you!

Have you ever wanted to give us your opinion about CMS and let us hear your voice? Now it's the time!

You can fill this form to let us know about you and your general opinion on CMS, and this other form to let us know about specific contests you ran with CMS (you can fill this second form several times for different contests).


The complete CMS documentation is at

The mailing list for announcements, user support and general discussion is You can subscribe at So far, it is an extremely low traffic mailing list.

The mailing list for development discussion (to submit feedback, proposals and critics, get opinions and reviews, etc.) is You can subscribe at

For extemporaneous support and discussion, join the Gitter chat (see link above).

To help with the troubleshooting, you can collect the complete log files that are placed in /var/local/log/cms/ (if CMS was running installed) or in ./log (if it was running from the local copy).